what we do

we provide developing services for
internet oriented projects.


Ukraine is one of the fastest growing countries in the global IT industry. Ukrainian developers offer high quality services for much more affordable rates. But as many of our clients have found out the hard way, managing freelance developers in another country can be challenging, even with only a few people. It becomes near impossible when you start to talk about teams of twenty or thirty.
That’s where DevToday comes in.

developing services

For a small management fee, DevToday takes the stress of hunting for the right employee off your shoulders. We place advertisements, interview potential candidates, and put them through job skill testing. We then set them up with a desk in our headquarters. This allows us to manage their working time on your behalf as well as handle all tax paperwork, personnel forms, and accounting. Our goal is always a worry-free working relationship between you and your developers, allowing you to focus on your business and not the petty organizational details.

we are experts at…

  • Php/Javascript developing
  • Outstaffing individual developers and whole teams
  • Outsourcing parts of projects and whole projects

systems administration

DevToday provides professional, expert technical support for Linux based web hosts. We offer 24/7 tech support, with teams of highly skilled systems of administrators that can handle whatever your business can throw at them—from abuse and spam complaints, to server monitoring, upgrades, and 1st or 2nd line tickets. For competitive, reasonable pricing, we can build you a team from scratch designed to handle your specific company needs.

look no further for…

  • Linux Server Support
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • High Skilled Systems Administrators

no other company can match DevToday’s ingenuity & ability to creatively deliver.

Joshua Smith Founder of DevToday

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